Portable UV tableware disinfection box, toothbrush, chopsticks, spoon sterilizer, quick sterilization

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                              Portable UV toothbrush disinfection box


 Product features:
 Adopt ABS environmental protection material, light and durable.
 Close the box cover and enter the automatic disinfection mode. It will stop automatically after the completion of disinfection,   which is fast and convenient.
 Small and beautiful appearance, easy to carry, anytime and anywhere sterilization.
 USB charging, environmental protection, reusable.
 It is suitable for most common toothbrushes (not for electric toothbrushes), chopsticks, spoons and other items. It can kill 99.9%   of bacteria in 5 minutes.
 Product properties:
 Type: UV toothbrush disinfection box
 Material: ABS environmental protection material
 Color: white
 Power supply: USB charging
 Battery: 500mah
 Disinfection time: 5 minutes (automatic shutdown)
 Package size: 226 * 53 * 27mm
 Net weight: 120g
 Packing list:
 1 * toothbrush disinfection box
 1 * product manual
 1 *   USB charging cable