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Name: Portable Deep UV LED Sterilizer
Input voltage:3.3V-5V
Output voltage:9.6V
Power:1W Suggest
Period: 30 Seconds/times
Package Included:
1 * "Mini Killer"(UVC Sterilizer)
1 *  Type-C to Micro-USB Adapter
1.Easy to carry: Mini killer adopts the design of mobile phone power supply, only 15g weight does not need battery, light and easy to carry.
2.Safe and efficient sterilization: using the UVC chip of mini killer to irradiate a single area for 30 seconds can effectively and safely destroy 99.9% of the DNA of bacteria and viruses, and effectively prevent bacterial reproduction.
3.Occasion: the mini killer is convenient and portable. Yes, it is very suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes.
Don't look at the lamp when it 's light up. After connecting the phone, if the UV light is off, please check if the OTG function is turned on. If you have any questions, please contact us