Disposable Nitrile Gloves work Gloves 100PK

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100pcs/lot Disposable Nitrile glove Food Prep Cooking Kitchen Food Service Cleaning Gloves Guantes Nitrilo

The BEST latex rubber gloves. Super for home duties like cleaning and washing; perfect for outside like Gardening and many, many more for everyday use. Disposable Nitrile Gloves have textured fingertips to provide an extra layer of protection against punctures, rips, and Tears.

- Single Use Only

- Powder Free

- Ambidextrous

- Non Sterile

- 4.5 Mil Thickness Latex Free.

Created with Synthetic Nitrile Rubber with a beaded cuff.

Oil resistance, Acide and Alkali resistance.

Nitrile gloves are ideal for automotive, industrial, tattoo, and cosmetology applications, animal indust, beauty industry, cleaning industry