3PCS Black Fashion Sponge Breathing Mask, Dust and Smog PM2.5, with Breathing Valve, Can Be Cleaned and Reused, Waterproof Mask

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*Soft, smooth breathing. It is comfortable enough to not rub your face and is suitable for wearing at any time. Do not wear pain even if you wear a mask for a long time.

*Washable reusable mask. Create new sponge materials that filter small particles of air.

*The elastic earmuffs are wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and face and are comfortable to wear.*Elastic adjustable earrings that fit snugly and are easy to wear and fall off!

*Suitable for indoor family and outdoor travel, hospitals, trains, airports, streets and any other public places.

*Ideal for protecting you from dust, bacteria, flu, allergies, fog, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, crafts, gardening, travel, and anonymity. Just enjoy a clean and healthy environment

Material: Polyurethane sponge